Thyroid gland function etiketine sahip kayıtlar gösteriliyor. Tüm kayıtları göster
Thyroid gland function etiketine sahip kayıtlar gösteriliyor. Tüm kayıtları göster

30 Nisan 2012 Pazartesi

Thyroid Problems and Menopause

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As women approach menopause many changes can occur. One of the most significant changes can be in hormone balance. Hormonal imbalance is not uncommon. Though it is common, it can create problems. Hormone imbalance can be very disruptive to daily life and present many problems for women.

For most women menopause begins between the ages of 40 and 58. It is at this time that the production of estrogen declines. Because of the reduction in estrogen women may begin to notice certain physical and mental ailments that they have not experienced before. Some side effects of decreasing hormones may include weight gain, hot flashes, insomnia, irritability, muscle aches, dry skin, weakness, fatigue, intolerance to cold and dry brittle hair to name a few.

It's important for women to recognize that although these symptoms can in fact be related to menopause, these same symptoms can be the result of low thyroid as well. Low thyroid or hypothyroidism is a condition in which the thyroid does not produce enough thyroid hormones. It tends to become noticeable in women who are older. This is one of the reasons the symptoms of it become confused with menopause.

The thyroid gland is a butterfly-shaped gland near your Adam's apple. This gland helps secrete hormones, which help regulate our body's metabolism. Metabolism is key in the function of heart rate, stamina, body temperature, muscle strength and appetite among other things. One can see that these symptoms can mimic those of menopause.

If you are a woman who is finding that your menopausal symptoms still persist even though you are taking estrogen and progesterone, it might be time to have your thyroid checked. Although hormone replacement therapy or HRT may work for some women, it may not work for all. Spending time with in expert in thyroid support may be the first step in finding answers to your low thyroid questions.

Once women educate themselves on the symptoms of menopause and low thyroid they will be able to make knowledgeable decisions about where to turn for help. As most women know, the balance of hormones is an intricate, delicate component of our overall feeling of well being. When our hormones are out of balance, it feels like our world is out of balance. Stress is harder to bear, fatigue seems intolerable, our weight is harder to maintain and our moods become troublesome. The impact of hormone imbalance on our daily lives is immeasurable at times.

Aside from the physical ailments, it can also impact our social life and in turn our relationships. With signs of depression, irritability, sluggishness and overall negative outlook, we may find that people just don't want to spend time with us. These feeling of isolation could lead to even more profound moodiness or depression.

As you can see, seeking help and guidance on balancing your low thyroid might just be the answer to some of your current health questions. It's no surprise then that most women want to find help in resolving these problems. If in fact your low thyroid is causing these symptoms it is advisable to find a specialist who can support you in finding ways to help with your low thyroid issues.

Denver Thyroid Support, from Dr. David Arthur, DC, DACNB, FACFN, CCCN. Dr. Arthur is a leading expert in low thyroid and thyroid problems in Denver, Colorado. He works with women (and a few men) of all ages who suffer from thyroid issues. Dr. Arthur takes a unique, neurological and functional medicine approach to thyroid support. If you're suffering from thyroid problems and want help, information and solutions, visit

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Using Herbs for Hypothyroidism Recovery

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If you have been diagnosed with Hypothyroidism you are probably aware that the conventional method of tackling Hypothyroidism is done with a synthetic version of the Thyroid hormone Thyroxine (T4). This works great for some but others are left suffering from symptoms even though blood test results may show normal levels of T4. Fortunately there are alternatives and one of those is a natural treatment and this article will describe a basic natural treatment using herbs for Hypothyroidism treatment.

Treating Hypothyroidism purely just with herbs probably wouldn't work that well but when they are used alongside a healthy lifestyle, they can work extremely well. When using herbs for Hypothyroidism it is important to do so with the guidance of a professional who will be able to offer advice on the correct dosages and which herbs to take for your specific condition. If this option is expensive to you then there is an alternative as there are many books on treating Hypothyroidism naturally written by natural doctors and so this would be the next best thing.

As I mentioned above herbs should be used alongside a healthy lifestyle which should incorporate a detoxification program and the purpose of this is to eliminate toxins which have built up in the body over time. Diet is also a key factor and so it is important to stop consuming junk foods and also unhealthy snacks and drinks. A healthy diet should include foods which are beneficial to Thyroid function and try to include lots of organic fruit and vegetables.

Exercise is extremely important because this helps the body flush out toxins by improving circulation. This is also a great way to increase the temperature of the body which is often low in people with Hypothyroidism.

There are many herbs for Hypothyroidism treatment but some of the most common are Withania (which helps the body deal with stress), Bladderwrack (which stimulates Thyroid gland function),

Bacopa (which is an anti stress/anxiety tonic) and Guggol (which stimulates production of Thyroid hormones).

When treating Hypothyroidism naturally many are put off by the lifestyle changes needed for this method of treatment to be successful and it's true, it can be difficult at first but you have to remember the changes are good healthy changes which will benefit your health in many ways and after a short time you'll be glad of the changes as your health returns and you get your life back.

For more information on using natural treatments and herbs for Hypothyroidism please visit

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What Are The Symptoms of Hashimoto's Disease?

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Have you begun wondering why you are suddenly losing your hair? When brushing your hair, are you noticing more and more hair piling up in your hair brush than you remember? Are you noticing that you're gaining weight lately, even though you've been careful not to over indulge in carbohydrates and sweets, and you've been working out at the gym? Have you been depressed lately and experiencing migraine headaches? If you do have some of these symptoms, you might need to go to the doctor and get some tests done to find out if you have the disease more commonly known as Hashimoto's disease.
Hashimoto's disease causes both hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism. Most of the people who have thyroid problems have either one or the other, not both. If you have hypothyroidism, you gain weight and are tired most of the time. Your thyroid is slow. But if you have hyperthyroidism, you have a thyroid that works overtime. It's totally the opposite. With Hashimoto's Disease, it can create hormone imbalances that cause the body to be very confused.
What should you do if you have some of the symptoms above and suspect you have Hashimoto's disease? The very first thing you should do is, go to the doctor. Tell your doctor what your symptoms are and what you suspect could be the problem. From there, tests will likely be done to examine your blood and find if you do have this disease.
If the prognosis is that you do have Hashimoto's disease or at least hypothyroid disease, you can never truly cure an auto-immune disease, but you can be treated to relieve the symptoms and reverse the disease. Usually a doctor will either prescribe thyroid hormone replacement agents such as Levothyroxine or Dessicated Thyroid Extract. For some, the good news is that your symptoms should disappear and you can live a normal life after that.
The thing you have to pay attention to and remember is that if you do have either hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism you need to get yourself tested and take your medication. If you go for an extended time without taking your medication, your muscles could deteriorate or you could have a heart attack. So be diligent if you are one who had this disease.
Otherwise, you'll live a perfectly normal life, and your hair will come back and stop falling out when you take your medication. That is unless you're a male who has the family inheritance of balding, then that's another case for another kind of doctor.
Dr. Jonathan Berns, D.C. helps people everyday in the Tampa, Florida area overcome the very misunderstood and often mistreated conditions caused from dysfunctional thyroids. Visit Tampa Thyroid Program at Integrative Health of Tampa to learn more about thyroid management.

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29 Nisan 2012 Pazar

Why Did Your Thyroid Gland Die?

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People all across the country are being told on a daily basis that their thyroid gland just died or stopped working. Some patients just accept this without question. Others ask how this could happen. The usual response by their doctor is that it is just something that happens. Almost as if the thyroid gland was a light switch that could just be turned off.
Thyroid glands do not just stop working and die for no apparent reason. It is usually a slow process that takes years until one day you go to your doctor continuing to complain of thyroid symptoms and they run a TSH and you get the bad news. It is well published that the number one cause for thyroid dysfunction is an auto immune disease called Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. This means that the body has lost self tolerance. It attacks healthy thyroid tissue and destroys it as if it was a foreign invader. This destruction leads to less and less of healthy thyroid tissue leading to less release of the needed hormones. It is estimated that 85-95% of all people with hypothyroidism have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis.
Most people have never heard of Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. Even though it is the most common reason for hypothyroidism, it is rarely ever checked. Part of that is because it is considered as "waste" of resources in the HMO medical insurance model. There is no reason to test for it if you are not going to treat it any differently than primary hypothyroidism. The standard medical treatment is to give hormone replacement until the thyroid gland "dies" or "burns out" and then keep the patient on thyroid meds because they no longer are able to produce their own.
There are few flaws to that type of treatment. First, the majority of time the thyroid gland is not the only tissue that is being attacked by the body. Research shows that areas in the brain, gut, and pancreas have a high prevalence of being attacked in patients with Hashimoto's. Taking thyroid hormone replacement does nothing for the attack and destruction of these tissues. Second, it does not address the attack on the thyroid gland. It just replaces what the gland is no longer able to release. The thyroid gland is left defenseless against the auto immune process that is destroying it. Another reason this treatment has a flaw is because it does not address the cytokines that block the thyroid receptor sites. This means that even though you are taking the medications, they may not be able to be bound to the sites they are intended to because a cytokine is blocking it. This, along with the above reasons is why the patient can still feel terrible even though they are taking their medications as prescribed.
So if you have been told your thyroid gland died or stopped working, ask your doctor to explain why. Make sure you have had the proper testing including a complete thyroid panel and thyroid antibody tests run. The antibody tests will catch 80-90% of the patients with Hashimoto's.
Dr. Chris Heimlich is a board certified chiropractic neurologist and treats people from around the world. You can request his free report that explains why 90% of people diagnosed with hypothyroidis will never feel normal with thyroid hormone replacement alone at:

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16 Nisan 2012 Pazartesi

Cigarette Smoking and Thyroid Disease

This is when it comes to smoking and thyroid diseasethat many patients are three main questions:
thyroid gland
What is the relationship between smoking and thyroid disease?Is it bad if you have thyroid disease, you smoke? andThe diagnosis of hypothyroidism is sometimes a long time after quitting this a coincidence?
Let's look at the answers.
Back in 1996, as I was diagnosed hypothyroid after quitting the Usenet news group forother women, anecdotal information has been sent a request to the thyroid(stopped smoking in July of 1995, and was not too long after that I was diagnosed with thyroid statusMe to explore the relationship between thyroid disease and smoking why.)

Said the women had the same experience I received a large number of responses: they are diagnosed with hypothyroidism after quitting a long time, and more interestedAt that time, I am in contact with these questions and the American Thyroid Foundation,said there is some research on the relationship between smoking and thyroidOutlined in an article in their newsletter, sent me some of the researchHere is a recap of some of the findings.

Non-Absolutely Thyroid Damage

First, the tobacco smoke contains substances that affect the function of the thyroid.Research shows that smokers are more likely to have thyroid enlargement and mildthyroid enlargement in smokers may be signs of thyroid disorder can be subtle.According to a January 27the American Medical Association, non-Journal, 1993 articlesmokers are twice as likely to develop Graves' diseaseCigarette smoking alsoapparently worsens eye problems in people with Graves' disease.

13 Nisan 2012 Cuma

Thyroid Gland Function Symptoms and Treatments

Drop Thyroid function, as well as how sensitive the body's energy for the production of other hormones, such as how to make use of proteins checks. This is an endocrine gland in the thyroid neck.The how your body reacts with other physical processes that control the meaning of metabolic effects.
 Some things are under active thyroid fails if it can cause hypothyroidism.

 First, the symptoms of hypothyroidism include:

 Loss of libido
 Dry and Itchy Skin

 Thyroid Function does not work once you discover what will happen?

 If you already live and feel better when you know that natural remedies. More drugs from your doctor to create a loop that all Which recipe you want to leave you with unwanted side effects of taking harmful prescription drugs do not have to think about.

 If you have the right information will never again have to take a pill when else.

 Can use the right natural treatment:

 Increase Energy Levels
 Renew Your Libido
 End Constipation
 Stress Management Help
 Prevent Insomnia
 Eliminate Dry and Itchy Skin
 Promote Weight Loss

 Thyroid gland function properly to help you choose no actual hope. I really feel refreshed every morning, rather tired, I feel more energetic and, again, to lose those extra pounds and enjoy smooth skin, silky hair, as well as I feel like. When a cure so easily accessible to you every time there is no reason to feel sick. You do not need to withstand a one-minute addition to suffering hypothyroidism.

 Programs also have to eat the right foods for proper thyroid gland function, you keep worrying about what will help. Save time and trouble you can get recipes, detox your body on the thyroid, strategies to improve the audio information, learn how you can avoid depression, insomnia, prevent and goes with hypothyroidism.
You can find the right resources and the online is up to you with the tools to maximize the function of the thyroid gland. Thyroid problem and resolve it can regain a better quality of life.