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A Brief Guide to the Symptoms of Hypothyroidism

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Hypothyroidism is a condition where the Thyroid gland doesn't produce enough Thyroid hormones for the body to function properly. This article will detail some of the most common symptoms of Hypothyroidism as well as provide some advice on what alternative treatments are on offer which may actually give you greater results than conventional methods of treatment.

There can be literally hundreds of symptoms associated with Hypothyroidism, too many to list here but I'll provide a list of the most common below. Check through the list and see if you have any of the symptoms and if you do be sure to have a Thyroid blood test done to be certain. Symptoms may include:

FatigueConstipationIntolerance to coldDry skinDepressionBrittle nailsBrain fogWeak musclesWeight gainInfertilityHoarse voice

The Thyroid gland handles almost virtually all metabolic activity in the body so it is understandable that when the Thyroid gland is not operating at its best, symptoms of Hypothyroidism can occur affecting many parts of the body. The conventional method of treating Hypothyroidism is hormone replacement therapy and this is done with a synthetic version of the Thyroid hormone Thyroxine (T4) and this can work well for some but some people seem unable to tolerate this synthetic version of Thyroxine (T4) and symptoms of Hypothyroidism persist even when blood tests show a normal level of Thyroid hormones.

Fortunately for those who don't tolerate synthetic Thyroxine there is an alternative. An alternative method of treating Hypothyroidism is with natural remedies and these can work really well as they target the root cause of the condition. The root cause of the condition can then be corrected causing healing to occur. Conventional methods of treatment don't actually correct the root cause and so no healing takes place so really, all you are doing is masking the symptoms of an underlying problem.

Natural methods of treating Hypothyroidism are gentle and produce little to zero side effects so they are a fantastic alternative. So what's involved with natural remedies? Well, with natural remedies you will have to make some healthy lifestyle changes so that would mean ditching junk foods and anything unhealthy from your diet and switching to a diet rich in foods which will provide all the nutrients required for the Thyroid gland to function at its optimum. Exercise is also great for people with Hypothyroidism as it gets the blood pumping round the body which increases body temperature and Thyroid hormone production. A natural remedy should be done with the guidance of a professional natural doctor who will be able to design a healing protocol specifically for you. If this is not an option for you then the next best thing would be to follow a protocol from one of the many books written on healing Hypothyroidism naturally. Using a natural treatment heals the root cause eliminating the symptoms of Hypothyroidism, restoring health whereas conventional treatments just treat the symptoms and nothing heals meaning the underlying problem could get worse.

For more information on healing with natural remedies and eliminating the symptoms of Hypothyroidism, please visit NaturalRemediesForHypothyroidism.com.

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