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The Hypothyroid Diet

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What is The Hypothyroid Diet, how is it different, and will it work for you?

The Hypothyroid Diet is a simple step-by-step program designed to help jumpstart your thyroid so you can lose weight, beat fatigue, and feel normal again. This diet is not a low calorie diet, and you don't have to keep track of every calorie you put into your mouth. It's not a low fat diet, and it's not a high protein diet, and there's no counting of points or weighing of foods. The Hypothyroid Diet helps you detoxify your body from harmful substances that may be blocking thyroid hormone production. It shows you what foods you need to eat, so you can feed your thyroid the nutrients it needs in order to thrive. It helps you eliminate food allergies/sensitivities and it will show you how to stabilize your blood sugar. Within The Hypothyroid Diet is a system, and I call this system the DES system, which stands for Detoxification, Elimination, and Stabilization.

Here's how it works...

Every day, harmful chemicals get into your body that you're unaware of. These chemicals look just like the minerals your thyroid needs to make thyroid hormone. However, if you are low on the minerals your body needs to produce thyroid hormone, which most Americans are, your body will try to use these harmful chemicals instead, because they look just like the minerals it needs. The result is your body will be unable to make thyroid hormone. This program will help you identify and eliminate the nasty chemicals your body doesn't need, and it will show you which minerals you do need to make thyroid hormone.

The second part of this system helps you eliminate food sensitivities. This is important because most people have food sensitivities and don't even know it. And if you have food sensitivities, your immune system will be working overtime, because your body thinks there's a foreign invader inside and it will be constantly trying to fight it. The result can be symptoms similar to hypothyroidism: fatigue, weight gain, insomnia, constipation, aches/pains, etc. Plus, when some of these foods get digested and sneak into your blood stream, they resemble thyroid tissue. So, your body will inadvertently attack your thyroid.

The last part of The Hypothyroid Diet helps you stabilize your blood sugar. If you can stabilize your blood sugar, you can eliminate cravings, reduce body fat, and have abundant energy throughout the day. This program is different from any other diet because it focuses on jumpstarting your thyroid - the gland that is responsible for your metabolism. Some diets may focus on Detoxification, Eliminating food allergies, or Stabilizing blood sugar, but no program addresses all three. That's why it works so well. This program is very safe and will work for anyone who has a thyroid problem. In fact, it will help anyone who has an autoimmune disorder, food allergies, or if they just want to lose weight. The beauty of the program is that it works fast.

Another reason why the Hypothyroid Diet works so well is it helps the immune system work more efficiently. If you have hypothyroidism, there's a great chance that you have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, which is the number one cause of hypothyroidism in the U.S. Hahsimoto's is an immune system problem. And if you don't help your immune system, you will always struggle with hypothyroidism. There's nothing that affects your body more than the food you eat and the liquids you drink 10-12 times a day. Learn what you need to eat and drink and what you need to avoid so you can jumpstart your thyroid, lose weight, beat fatigue, and feel normal again.

If you have hypothyroidism, I urge you to try The Hypothyroid Diet.

Warm regards,

Dr. Kevin

Dr. Kevin Dobrzynski is a Doctor of Naprapathy, nutritionist, and personal trainer who has spent his career successfully helping others lose weight. In 2010 Dr. Dobrzynski's wife had her thyroid removed due to cancer. Conventional medicine failed to help his wife, but he discovered a natural treatment for hypothyroidism. He is the author of The Hypothyroid Diet, which has helped hundreds of sufferers overcome hypothyroid symptoms.

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