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What Is Hypothyroid?

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Hypothyroid or having low thyroid function is much more than just having low hormone levels.

If you're hypothyroid, it means you can't get out of bed in the morning even after a full night's sleep. It means you deal with hypothyroid symptoms every day; you constantly struggle with your energy to the point where all you want is a quick fix from Starbucks, hoping it's going to work.

It's being frustrated because you can't remember what you did with your keys or where you put that important document.

It's wondering whether others notice you're losing your hair or you've gained a few pounds.

Ultimately, it's knowing you're not the same person you were a few years ago and wondering if your hypothyroid symptoms will get any worse.

At times you think you're going crazy because your doctor makes you believe your thyroid condition is no big deal or that you really don't have a problem because your numbers are OK.

If you're fed up with your hypothyroid symptoms - I mean really fed up and willing to do whatever you have to in order to gain back the life you once had, then hang on and come with me.

Being healthy is a process, it's a state of mind, and it's a journey - it won't happen overnight, but it can start as soon as you decide it's time.

However, doing this takes more than just a pill. There is abundant evidence that drugs are no longer working and what is working is anything you can do to support your immune system.

My name is Dr. Kevin and I've treated lots of women who have complained of weight gain and fatigue; but a couple of years ago, one patient changed my life.

She came to me complaining of swelling around her neck and there were the common signs of weight gain, fatigue, constipation, and hair loss.

It turns out her thyroid was engulfed in numerous large thyroid nodules, and after a couple of opinions the best option was to have her entire thyroid removed.

After surgery and the biopsy, they discovered cancer in the thyroid...yes, cancer, thank god it was out.

Follow-up therapy included synthetic thyroid hormone.

The problem was - it wasn't working. She still had the same hypothyroid symptoms she had dealt with before the surgery.

That's when I decided to step in and do something - anything I could. You see this patient we're talking about is my wife.

At this point, I was resolved to help her. So, I spent all my efforts reading, researching, interviewing specialists, traveling, and attending seminars to find a natural solution for hypothyroidism.

There are too many patients and too many doctors unaware of the simple things they can do that will help hypothyroidism.

Being healthy isn't something you do because someone else is doing it. It's not something you do on the weekends or when you're on vacation. It's not something you do a few days a week, like working out. It's something you live, breath, and believe in and it penetrates every pore of your body.

And when this happens, you will never be the same. You will be well inside and out and you'll know what true health is and what it takes to be healthy.

You'll be able to spot a shady product in the supermarket that's trying to pass itself off as natural or healthy because you know what to look for.

You'll be able to sit down in a restaurant and spot a healthy meal and order it regardless of what everyone else is eating or what occasion it is, because it's how you live.

Hypothyroidism isn't something that happens to a person, it's something that happens because of the person.

But it's not your fault, it's the system you were taught to believe in, but the system has let you down just like it has countless others with different conditions.

When you realize and understand that doctors are no more than consultants and you are in control of your health, then you will have a sense of real security and health.

Warm regards,

Dr. Kevin Dobrzynski DN

Dr. Kevin Dobrzynski is a Doctor of Naprapathy, nutritionist, and personal trainer who has spent his career successfully helping others lose weight. In 2010 Dr. Dobrzynski's wife had her thyroid removed due to cancer. Conventional medicine failed to help his wife, but he discovered a natural treatment for hypothyroidism. He is the author of The Hypothyroid Diet, which has helped hundreds of sufferers overcome hypothyroid symptoms.

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