12 Nisan 2012 Perşembe

What Is Thyroid Gland Evolution ?

Phylogenetic, thyroid cells, cells of gastroenteric primitive iodide-concentrate is obtained. Given the essential nature of iodine compounds, living organisms, soilorganisms that lack of iodine intake and iodine-rich sea-moving element more powerfulsystems for the storage seems gerekli.Tiroid evolved to serve this need. Venturi et al. Primitive algae iodide is a more recent ancestral vertebrate antioxidant function in alliodide-concentrating cells are proposed. In 2008, the antioxidant effect of iodides on this horse has been confirmed experimentally by Küpper et al. [6] thyroxine, has a history ofover 700 million years. Showing no hormonal action, while the lowest invertebrates, the Porifera and Anthozoa scleroproteins a fibrous exoskeletal, mevcuttur.Aktif hormone,triiodothyronine (T3), the terrestrial environment better suited to organisms (freshwater, atmosphere, gravity, temperature and diet) that, metamorphosis and thermogenesis was activated.

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