Natural etiketine sahip kayıtlar gösteriliyor. Tüm kayıtları göster
Natural etiketine sahip kayıtlar gösteriliyor. Tüm kayıtları göster

29 Nisan 2012 Pazar

Start on a Natural Health Diet: Fight Hypothyroidism

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Having a natural health diet will help you in taking control of your hypothyroidism issues. The feeling of having a healthy body and mind is not far away, but it will not happen unless you take the initiative and start on your own path. Being on a natural health diet plan will bring about many pleasing changes. You should consider this method before resorting to taking prescription drugs, which can possibly harm your health more than helping.

Energy is the Key to a Happy Life

Being on a proper natural diet helps with losing that weight gained because of low thyroid symptoms. Even exercising daily may not help you defeat the weight gain. This will change, however, from being on the natural diet because it is designed to help give you the set plan on what foods will provide you the energy you need.

Hypothyroidism drains the body's nutrients and energy by having a slow metabolism. This slow metabolism that takes place is the cause of excessive weight gain because the body just simply does not have the energy to break down the calories being consumed.

Your Body Needs Nutrients

Go on the natural diet and get that energy you need to go out again. Stop being stuck in one spot because of low energy levels. Having low thyroid symptoms can just bring your body down from lack of nutrition. Excessive dieting will do this also because you are purposely starving yourself to lose the weight that is being gained. The lack of nutrient intake from food only makes the hypothyroidism become worse. This happens because your body requires a specific amount of calories to be broken down daily, and since you are dieting and eating less food this does not happen. Once the body recognizes the indication of a calories being withheld, the metabolism slows down. So do not take the chance of this happening by overly dieting because you want to lose weight. Just take the simple path of choosing to go on the natural health diet to help your low thyroid levels, and shed the weight fast.

The calories that are consumed while on the natural health diet are very low, but you will still have the right amount needed to keep the body healthy. Also a part of this diet is specific nutrients which stimulate the thyroid activity naturally, basically meaning that you will be able to start losing weight. Besides knowing what foods are good for hypothyroidism, also learn about what foods are bad and damage the thyroid more. Naturally, your body craves vitamins and minerals to survive, and each part of the body has specific wants of what will help it out more. With these being obtained through a healthy diet, you replenish what had gone missing through dieting. A proper natural health diet is like no other. It tells you what foods to eat and cook with, and does not tell you that you are only allowed to eat a few carrots a day. The intention is to replenish, not diminish.

Do not wait until you have resorted to taking all other methods for a low thyroid beside this one. Get started on a natural health diet now, and get on the right track to successfully shaking off the miserable feelings of hypothyroidism. You will see great results, and lose nothing but weight to begin fitting into those clothes you have wanted to wear again.

Mike Rady Is a retired Fire Lt EMT his wife and daughter suffer from low thyroid levels find out more about hypothyroidism or low thyroid levels at You can also find out how they learned to control their thyroid levels the natural way.

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26 Nisan 2012 Perşembe

Why Most Natural Thyroid Remedies Don't Work For Hypothyroidism

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Millions of people have hypothyroidism. And while many of these people are satisfied with taking synthetic or natural thyroid hormone to manage their symptoms, some people look into natural thyroid remedies to help cure their hypothyroid condition. While some people with hypothyroidism can have their health restored back to normal when following a specific natural treatment protocol under the guidance of a natural endocrine doctor, the truth is that most natural thyroid remedies will be ineffective, even when it comes to just managing the symptoms of hypothyroidism.

The reason for this is because there isn't a single supplement or herbal remedy that when used alone will cure hypothyroidism. Even taking multiple supplements and herbs usually won't help. In order to restore the health of someone who has hypothyroidism, one has to address the following factors:

1) Lifestyle Factors. Certain lifestyle factors are important in order to obtain optimal thyroid health. Most people eat too many refined foods and sugars, drink soda and other soft drinks daily, and this can have a negative impact on thyroid health. Eating refined foods and sugars frequently will affect the blood sugar levels, which over time will weaken the adrenal glands, potentially leading to a hypothyroid condition. So one needs to eat a diet consisting mostly of whole foods, obtain sufficient sleep, exercise regularly, and they need to develop good stress handling skills. Neglecting any of these factors can impact thyroid health.

2) Supplements and herbs. While taking nutritional supplements and herbs alone won't be enough to restore one's health back to normal, taking certain supplements and herbs is important in the recovery process. Certain supplements are needed to address any nutritional deficiencies the person may have. While eating a healthy diet will supply you with many of the vitamins and minerals you need, it usually won't be enough to address an existing nutritional deficiency. As for taking herbs, there are specific herbs such as Bladderwrack and Ashwaganda which can help people with hypothyroid conditions. Other herbs such as Eleuthero can help with the stress response, which can in turn will help the adrenal glands.

3) Environmental toxins. We're being bombarded by environmental toxins, as thousands of new chemicals are manufactured each year. And because they're new, we are unaware of the long-term health issues they can potentially cause. Of course there are many other chemicals that we know for certain can cause health issues. And many of these chemicals are in the foods and household products we purchase. Some examples include the herbicides and pesticides commonly sprayed on fruits and vegetables, xenohormones included in many of the meats we eat, and numerous chemicals included in household cosmetics and cleaners. These toxins can not only affect thyroid health, but books such as the Autoimmune Epidemic show that they can contribute to autoimmune conditions, such as Graves' Disease and Hashimoto's Thyroiditis.

4) Genetics. Even though genetics is definitely a factor, it usually isn't the primary factor in the development of a thyroid condition. In other words, someone who has a genetic marker for a thyroid disorder can usually prevent such a condition from developing by addressing the factors I listed above. And many people who already have a thyroid condition can restore their health back to normal naturally, even if they have a genetic marker. So while genetics definitely play a role, it's not as big of a factor as many people think.

So for anyone looking to cure their hypothyroid condition through natural remedies, just keep in mind that numerous factors are involved in restoring one's health back to normal. Taking natural remedies such as thyroid boosters and thyroid support formulas won't be enough to cure hypothyroidism. This is why I always recommend for people interested in restoring their thyroid health back to normal to consult with a natural doctor who has a great deal of experience dealing with thyroid conditions. Self-treating your condition might help to temporarily manage the symptoms, but for optimal results you really should speak with an expert.

Dr. Eric Osansky is a licensed healthcare professional who personally used natural treatment methods to restore his health back to normal when he was diagnosed with an autoimmune thyroid disorder. For more information on how to use natural treatment methods to treat your autoimmune thyroid disorder, including a free video and 46-page guide entitled "6 Steps On How To Treat Graves' Disease & Hashimoto's Thyroiditis Naturally", please visit his website at

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